New Iridium Satellite Communications System

We are pleased to communicate that during DAC Aviation’s Grand Caravan delivery trip we are beta testing our industry first tracking/texting/satellite phone system to be installed on our new fleet of Grand Caravans EXs

Since departing Montreal we have successfully tracked the a/c on our in house satellite tracking system at 1 minute intervals (all GPS flight parameters, ALT, Speed, coordinates etc) and during flight, we were able to make, and receive telephone calls through a customized Apple iPad application. While traveling from France to Italy, we contacted our Flight Operations Hotline by telephone while at 13,000 feet over the Mediterranean Ocean. We also were able to receive current weather sequences, inbound texting and outbound texting from the iPad application to our DAC system operations mail server.

We expect testing to be completed shortly followed by training and installation of this technology on our fleet.

Another first for remote operation Humanitarian Aid Flights!