Montreal QC – September 28th

Patrick Desrochers, DAC Aviation’s Communications Manager, embarked on his first “solo” flight as the Pilot in Command of a Cessna 172N. Over clear and sunny skies, the Student Pilot executed a takeoff, joined circuit and performed his very first solo
landing, demonstrating his understanding of the safe and effective operation of an aircraft.

At DAC Aviation, heavy investment in the training of its personnel is a crucial cornerstone of the organization’s ability to provide the safest and most reliable MRO and air transportation services in the industry. Upon landing Patrick stated that he now possessed a deeper understanding of the importance of DAC’s rigorous training programs. Obtaining the proper certifications, undergoing tailored training, staying current on type ratings, and maintaining the highest level of security assure unparalleled compliance and safety standards for all of DAC Aviation’s operations.


“The way an organization communicates with its partners, customers, and employees is essential to assuring that the end user is getting the service they requested with the highest possible level of compliance,” stated Mr. Desrochers. “Through the early stages of my Private Pilot’s license, I have seen first hand the importance of effective communication and its impact on safety within DAC and the aviation industry as a whole. The level of investment that DAC Aviation commits to its employees guarantees that its work force is prepared to deliver results with a passion to fuel their efforts that I have not seen in any other organization.”

Jane Potapova, DAC’s Executive Vice-President commented, “It’s a great feeling to see members of our team like Patrick taking the initiative to further their education within the industry bringing a new level of passion and capability to their daily
tasks.” Mrs. Potapova continued, stating “I truly believe it is through DAC’s program of continuous education that the organization is able to attract and internally cultivate the best work force in the industry, thereby facilitating its capacity to deliver the best service available for our customers globally”.

DAC’s President, Alain Desrochers has always had a strong sense of urgency for training to insure compliance in all of the organization’s initiatives while cultivating a corporate culture that values intuitive and autonomous performance goals. Alain stated, “We operate within an industry where safety is paramount and where no organization can afford to make a mistake. It’s for this exact reason that DAC Aviation invests so heavily in its personnel, striving to develop a work force that is compliant, current, and has the independence and industry knowledge to think outside of the box and make the best possible decision when faced with a challenge.”

“Through the continuous and rigorous training of our management staff, DAC Aviation has been able to put together a team that leads the industry in best practices and innovation,” stated Warren Feschuk, DAC Aviation’s CEO. “It is because of this very fact that I am honored to be the CEO of this organization and work along side the best and most highly skilled professionals the aviation industry has to offer.”