DAC Delivers Latest Generation Cessna Grand Caravan EX to ECHOFLIGHT

Nairobi Kenya, July 16, 2013. On the heels of DAC Aviation’s historical twenty-year anniversary we are proud to announce the delivery of 5Y-DEA (DacEastAfrica) to ECHOFLIGHT DRC. ECHO 4 departed in the early morning hours en route to Bunia where it will provide much-needed humanitarian assistance throughout that region.

The aircraft was piloted by Senior Training Captain Sebastian Njoroge along with Captain Mohammad Abbas and Senior Engineer Julius Majanja.


DAC was informed by Cessna earlier this year that a newer model of Cessna grand Caravan had become available. This new model featured numerous overall safety and performance improvements over the previous models. In light of these improvements DAC chose to purchase six aircraft this year with options for two additional aircraft early next year. The EX’s two most important modifications include a more powerful engine and a newly certified maximum flap take off capability that will enhance safety and flexibility into airstrips that have previously not been considered due to landing and takeoff restrictions.

The avionics equipment on this aircraft include the venerable Garmin G1000 similar to the previous aircraft used by DAC/ECHO. The avionics on this aircraft are the latest generation available on any aircraft and have identical capabilities found on modern large airliners. It offers a highly sophisticated crew alerting system (CAS) that provides crew with instant aircraft information vital for safe in-flight operations including traffic/terrain separation and awareness, and, precise, to the meter, navigation that is key to operating in the mountainous regions of Congo.


As part of the purchase package, Cessna will provide DAC with the latest generation full-motion simulator training at the FlightSafety International’s Wichita facility, located across the factory where the grand Caravan is built. DAC has always made training its priority within its operation and crews are constantly trained and audited to maintain their high level of proficiency. Simulator training puts crews into real- world emergency situations that they would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience during regular operations.

DAC has begun to voluntarily substitute the newer model in the existing ECHOFLIGHT caravan fleet, making ECHOFLIGHT the launch customer.The grand Caravan has been a highly successful and important aircraft to ECHOFLIGHT operations proving its capability repeatedly over the past eight years in Congo.

5Y-DEA will be joined by its sister ship (both aircraft pictured above at the Cessna facilities in Wichita) one month from now to replace 5Y-BVS (E3), making ECHOFLIGHT the proud operator to two of the newest aircraft in Africa.

We at DAC thank ECHO for giving us the privilege to provide you with these highly visible and much needed aviation services.