DAC Aviation Staff Member Solos

DAC’s Anthony Massari receiving his celebratory dousing after his first solo flight

August 15, 2013

Montréal, QC – Anthony Massari, Pentagon ERP software champion and program implementation manager, took to the skies today in a Cessna 172 to complete what is commonly known during initial pilot training as a “solo”. The solo is a pivotal part of the training process as it identifies that the pilot candidate has demonstrated the appropriate skill, knowledge and confidence to be allowed to fly on his own. As a member of the DAC Aviation team, Anthony now has a newly found appreciation of aviation and what we at DAC do on a daily basis.

“The key to our success lies in the quality of our people and Anthony can now more closely relate to our core business and how his efforts and involvement directly affect our organization as a whole” comments Mr. Emmanuel Anassis, Chairman.  “Aviation is a highly technical, complex and competitive business that requires aviation savvy people. When your team possesses exceptional knowledge and experience with the products and services they provide, your customers reap the benefits. This leads to customer loyalty and satisfaction. If we believe in that certain staff member then we will invest in their educational advancement. We invest in excellence” he adds. And invest they do. DAC spends in excess of $700,000 per year advancing employees education, and skills. From MBAs to regular simulator training to ab initio pilot training, DAC spares little expense to making sure it has the highest trained and most competent staff in the business.

“DAC Aviation is deeply committed to the growth and professional development of our employees. Anthony is but one example of how our organization values and rewards initiative, innovation and a strong commitment to excellence. He has completed his first solo flight today and we are proud to have Anthony as part of our team. We congratulate him on this important achievement and we look forward to supporting him through the next stages of his private pilot license”. States Alain Desrochers, President.

“To see one of our employees thrive and achieve both personal and company goals is the most rewarding part of being part of DAC’s leadership team. We applaud Anthony and look forward to supporting a blossoming career” adds Jane Potapova, Executive Vice President.

“It was really an amazing moment! It hit me just as I was rotating for takeoff, that I was alone in the cockpit for the first time. I took a deep breath focused on the task at hand and made it happen. Because of this training I now have a greater insight into the regulatory, procedural and safety aspects of aviation that I would otherwise not have been exposed to.  My job at DAC is to implement and monitor our companywide aviation specific enterprise resource program. This program not only enhances and streamlines our operations worldwide but it’s primarily designed to enhance aviation safety. It was during this flight that I realized how important safety is in what we do. Although we all talk about safety it wasn’t until that very moment, alone in the air, that I realized why senior management insisted on my training. I’m not only truly grateful for this opportunity but I’ve also been humbled by it” says Anthony.

“As a pilot, nothing is more thrilling than to be around others who share a passion for flight and demonstrate a true dedication to learning the craft. As CEO of DAC Aviation, I am honored to have Anthony and others like him as part of a growing and highly skilled team” concludes Warren Feschuk, CEO.