Since 2012, the African country of Mali has lived in political and military turmoil. As the country works to establish a new government following the overthrow of President Toure and his administration the need for humanitarian relief is ever-present. Hundreds of thousands of people have been internally displaced, with tens of thousands fleeing to neighboring counties to established refugee camps. Hunger levels are on the rise, with millions of people being food insecure, and over 200 000 children suffering from acute malnutrition.

International aid organizations have been on the ground in Mali since 2012, desperately trying to support the crumbling country. Their efforts have only managed to prevent the situation from worsening, leaving seemingly endless work to be done when the priority is bringing the country back to a state of peace and stability.

On January 21st, DAC Aviation International, operating for ECHO Flight, dispatched one Cessna Grand Caravan EX from Wilson Airport in Nairobi, Kenya, destined for Mali. Led by six of DAC’s highly experienced crew, aircraft tail number 5Y-DAE will operate on a short-term contract delivering desperately needed aid to a country struggling to rebuild.