DAC seeks to foster a just culture of open, non-punitive reporting policies and procedures for all staff members and realizes the importance of uninhibited reporting of safety hazards or occurrences. The objective is to move away from a culture of "blame" to one of learning so that quality infuses all aspects of the organization's work. This in turn creates an awareness and subsequent management of risk in all.

The "No Blame Statement" states:
The Company shall not take any disciplinary action or reprisal against any employee who reports a hazard of occurrence that affects safety. For the purposes of this agreement, a "hazard or occurrence" includes a condition, act, omission, event, incident, accident or occurrence that compromises, has compromised, or may potentially compromise the safety of the Company's operation. Failure to report on an incident that is later reported by another party will be cause for disciplinary action.


  1. Deliberate misconduct including, but not limited to, disregard of Company policies and procedures, air regulations, or any other applicable regulatory requirements.

  2. Failure to report the event within the timelines set out in this manual.

  3. Where it is determined during the course of an investigation that the employee has deliberately misrepresented the facts in a report for the purpose of avoiding the exclusion area.

The identity, or information revealing the identity, of any employee who reports a hazard or occurrence in a Safety Report, will not be disclosed outside of the Investigation, except with the consent of the employee or where required by law.

Incident Reporting
It is the responsibility of every employee to report any safety hazard or occurrence as soon as it is practical to do so, preferably within a 48 hour period following the incident. In each case, the employee must provide a written statement on the SMS web site (www.dacmtlops.com) under the heading Incident Reporting where the report is stored in the SMS database. In following up on the incident, the company may ask the employee - if known - to provide further details that would be added to the report.

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