DAC Aviation is committed to providing superior value and unparalleled support to our customers, while systematically improving the Safety, Security and Efficiency of our services, products and processes. A leader in aircraft maintenance and humanitarian charter solutions, DAC Aviation has emerged as a multi-skilled company with a human interest.

Our Stories

Perhaps it was a question of fate or perhaps destiny, but certainly not coincidence, that the first flight our newly formed aviation company embarked upon was into the heart of one of the worst human catastrophes in modern.....

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Flying with DAC for the past 9 years, Capitain Anthony Mureti took the time to give us a glimpse into what his position within the organization entails, and what continues to motivate him everyday, facing the harsh environments DAC operates out of.

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  • Over the past 9 years with DAC Aviation, I’ve had the chance to travel, meet all kinds of different people, and develop my skills professionally in one of the worlds harshest and most difficult areas to fly in.

    Capitain Anthony Mureti

    DAC Aviation